Two Spacious Galleries

The Lobby & The Landing

Yerington Theatre for the Arts offers two spacious Galleries at the Center –  The Lobby & The Landing. Multiple shows and many an artist have honored us with their time and talent in our galleries and we look forward to continuing our support of local and national artists for years to come.

Our Gallery Mission is three fold:

  • TO PROMOTE artists
  • TO CONNECT with other cultural, artistic and educational organizations in Nevada
  • TO INSPIRE artists and art lovers by exhibiting artwork from exceptional local and regional artists

The Lobby Gallery boasts over 800 square feet of exhibit space on the Centers ground floor and includes the YTA Café area. The Lobby Gallery hosts changing exhibitions of invitational work by local and regional artists.

The Landing Gallery offers 350 square feet of exhibit space accommodating large art pieces as well as three dimensional works. The Landing Gallery also hosts changing exhibitions of invitational work by local and regional artists. 

Yerington Theatre for the Arts is also home to the Dini Center Artist Group and Shutterbugs Photography Club.

We host an opening reception for a new exhibition on the third Thursday of most months from 5-8 pm. See below for details for the upcoming exhibits. Our Galleries are open on Tuesday - Saturday from 9 am – 2 pm and by appointment.

Gallery Year: 2019



Jan. 8 - Feb. 8:
The Dini Center Artists:Roxy Whitacre, Shari Breault, & Shari Roche

Feb. 17: 5-7pm Artists' Reception with the Dini Center Artists

Feb. 12– March 14: Gallery A & B -12 x 12 show
Gallery C –  Teed Off! Community Tee Shirt Show

March 14: 5 - 7 pm Artists' Reception - T Shirt Silent Auction and 12 x 12 Show Winner

April 2 – May 13: 
Yerington Schools Art Show

May 9: “Notes to Our Children – Celebrating Cultural Heritage” Ginny Baker Theater - 6 pm

May 7 – June 6: Gallery  A"Notes to Our Children" Memory Boards
Celebrating Cultural Heritage           

June 11 - July 12: Gallery  ASmith Valley Art Group Show

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

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